CSM Trucking Peterbilt 388 Package v1.0.0.0


You will have (6) different skinned CSM Trucking Peterbilt 388 trucks to choose from in this v1.0 package!

With tons of staticLights, ultra bright headlights, and a top speed of over 75+ mph with the 1,250 HP configuration you will get that commodity to market in no time!!!

Note: Tested to ensure an ERROR FREE log!  If you find any error(s), please let us know and we will work on getting you a patch ASAP.

Skinned packages include:
- Stock (no wrap)
- CSM Trucking Custom Edition Wrap
- Otis Little Bear Farm Custom Edition Wrap
- Grim Reaper Custom Edition Wrap
- USA Custom Edition Wrap
- Caterpillar Custom Edition Wrap


Peterbilt 388 "GRIM" Model & Textures - Eagle355th Modding, Otis Little Bear Modding, and OXEN1966 for FS17

Peterbilt 388 "GRIM" Converted and heavily modified to "CSM Peterbilt 388 Package" from FS17 by Chop Shop Mods (CSM Modding) for FS19

FS19_Changelog (
- Extensive cleanup and conversion of '.i3d and '.xml files from FS17 to FS19
- Complete rework of Lights including coronas conversion to staticLights for FS19 support and added a ton more Lights to the vehicle
- Added several new Chrome parts/accessoires to the vehicle
- Converted the original FS19 "GRIM", "Caterpillar", and "USA" skinned mods from being individual mods into a single "CSM Peterbilt 388 Package"
- Generated store options for selection of multiple skins and designConfigurations directly from the FS19 store (eliminating need for multiple mod installs)
- Added "CSM Trucking" and "Otis Little Bear" Custom skin packages (Special Thanks to OXEN1966 for providing the NEW Custom Skins!)

Please visit these Modders on Facebook:

Chop Shop Mods (CSM Modding) @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChopShopMods/
Otis Little Bear Modding @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/295873504293108/

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

No working mirrors really sad else nice trucks

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

And it gets stuck on the Krampe trailer, cant turn with it.

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

Please see our NEW! v2.0.0.0 update here:


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