Baler Addon v1.0.0.0


Added the management of the net foil for round bales, after the creation of every bale, the baler works for add the net foil (it's required that the baler is active). After the baler has added the net foil, it's possibile to unload the bale.
This feature is automatically added to every baler for round bale, no installation required.
The baler for round bale can be filled with the net foil, using the new pallet with 12 rolls of net foil. The pallet is present in the pallets category. Every piece is lenght of 2.800 meters and every bale is wrapped 8 times by default.
Price: 500 €


DD ModPassion

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

It would be nice to use all balers.
If you can do it, it would be good.

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