81x120 Shop White Grey v1.0.0.0


Snow mask and Snow sits on the roof
All doors open from the inside switches other then the man doors
Roof collison prevents rain from coming through the ceiling visually
No Repair trigger, download my placeable toolbox if your looking for a repair trigger. (highly recommended)
Auto LED lights come on at night on the outside of the shop
Animated and working fan inside shop, trigger can be a bit buggy to turn off.


Nxtgen Mapping: The entire Model is all him.
Trailer Park Farms: UDIMING, texturing and ingaming.
FS Screenshots for helping with the fan scripting

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Commented on 2021-09-17 18:16:14

One of the best designed shops yet. Would you consider a 2nd design, getting rid of the 2nd floor storage area, and mirroring both ends to have the same doors?

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Reply comment on 2021-09-18 00:18:10

learn to mod and do it yourself

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