AutoLoad IT-Runner Platform For Pallets v1.6.0.0


For automatic loading of pallets.


-Added 2 new products. Wool Pallet and Egg Pallet.

-Improved pallet loading and unloading triggers.


- Platform adapted to the 'Placeable Pallet Factories' mod

------------------AutoLoad Platform For Factories Pallets------------------

Use this platform exclusively for fast loading and transport

the pallets of the factories. With capacity for 8 pallets of 2,000 liters each.

- Price: € 3,600.-

- Capacity: 20,000 liters of each product

- Configuratios for color

------------------AutoLoad Platform For Pallets With Barrels------------------

Use this iT-Runner platform exclusively for fast and easy loading and transport

drum pallets for fertilizers, herbicides, diesel and water. With capacity for 9 pallets of 1,500 liters each.

- Price: € 4,200.-

- Capacity: 13,500 liters of each product

- Configuratios for color

Required Mods:

- ITRunner Pack (By: GIANTS Software)

- Pallets With Barrels (By: ShabaFS)

- La Coronella 2.0 (By: erShaba, Toymatao (VSR Modding Sur))

- Placeable Factories Pack (By: erShaba)

- Phoenix ITRunner Edition (By: erShaba [VSR Modding Sur])



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