Claas Jaguar 960 TT-HKL v1.0.4


This is a converted Claas Jaguar 960

Version 1.0.4
- Xml error in Orbis600 corrected
-> Maize can now be harvested in GrowthState 4

The Jaguar960 was converted by a Dutch contractor (Hartog).
It has an articulated steering + hook lift for containers.
Before turning, you should deactivate crab steering. The articulated steering is blocked.
A configurable Orbis600 is included in the package.
The chopper is compatible with the standard bits + Claas DLC. BUT: Since the Claas is a conversion, the standard bits are NOT 100% perfect.
The Orbis600 is available in a package for this purpose.
The containers from the IT-Runner package can also be used, but they are not ideal for the chopper. There are special containers for this.
Hook lift package 1.0.2 Lunchbox Nov 29th 2020 File
He is PARTIALLY helper-friendly. The helper drives as if he had intus 2 per thousand .... He is still crazy about certain field shapes
Before you park the chopper in the hall, you MUST park the container, otherwise the jaguar will slide / jump through the hall like a figure skater ...
(IT runner problem)
This is a pre-release version and not yet 100% finished!

Technical specifications:
- 12m long
- 15.5t weight
- 884PS
- 43km / h top speed
- IC-Control
- Crab steering (there are specialists who cannot steer .... This is because the steering is locked when crab steering !!! -> deactivate crab steering to steer)
- choice of colors
- 20 different types of tape drives
- twelve million other configuration options


- ThreshingFlowIndicator by "da-Hoffi"
- extendedMaterialConfiguration.lua by "Modelleicher"
- MB3D Modding
- AddConfig.lua by "Ifko[nator]"

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отформатировал мой диск

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si tu pouvais mettre dans ton pack la benne compatible ce serait top

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