Courseplay for FS19 v6.03.00058


6.03.00058 minor fixes
fixes #7157
fix for small bunker silos #7046
fix for sold bunker silos, might be related to #7138
might fix mp hud open/close action event #7143
might fix action event bug #7146
fixes returning mission vehicles #7045
course loading: fixed cosmetic issue

6.03.00057 Faster course loading
Changed the format of the saved course file for faster
loading (I mean really faster, courses with 60,000
waypoints now load in a few seconds, saving is a little slower
but should be significantly faster).

This version can load the old format files but always
saves the course using the new format (new format files
have version="2" in the first line).

You can use the console command cpUgradeAllCourses to
upgrade all saved courses to the new, faster format.
Run it right after the savegame is loaded and make
sure you make a backup of your courses before!

This new format will break any external tool which
relies on loading/saving the course XML files.

The new format:
Use a single XML node for all waypoints
Each waypoint is separated by a '|' and a new line,
latter for visibility only
Waypoint attributes are separated by ';'

See the Course.serializeWaypoints() function in
Waypoint.lua for the details.



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