Demco Posi Flow grain cart Final v1.1


What's been changed/added?

Added Blue color option

Added dual wheels option

"WhY dId YoU pUt DuAlz On A 750 Ca-" cause shut up, people get excited when you put 40 tire options on crap in this game so there. Also I actually saw a 750 for sale with duals on it. Anyways...

Added tarp (opens and closes with ingame scripting)

Added Foliage Bending because I forgot to on V1

Hope you guys enjoy this, this is the final version of the cart, and there's no telling when I'll be working on another mod. This year is gonna suck for classes, and I have 0 motivation because video games aren't fun to me anymore for some reason. Anyways, here you go, enjoy, lots of work has been put into this mod.


Model: Tired Iron Modding
Decals, UDIM, Ingaming: Ross W.
Diamond tread tire is off of the Ford TW Series Pack by Whiskey Sierra Modding.
Jack model is off of the J&M 875 Grain Cart.
Special thanks to JoNo for fixing the cylinder rotating issue and spawning in at the store.
Original tarp model was off of the Maurer grain trailer made by Polygonish. I've done some tweaking to it to make it accurate/ fit on the carts.

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Commented on 2021-09-11 06:38:16

the duals on the 750 are fuckin' cool, don't let the haters bother you, great mod.

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Reply comment on 2021-09-11 14:51:59

The Demco cart is awesome. To have the tarp roll open slowly makes it realistic. I hope you get your motivation back to continue creating mods.

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