EasyAutoLoad v1.1.3


EasyAutoLoad is now a standalone "global" mod - there is no need to include the script with a trailer/truck mod,

Slight fix to account for error when autoload active and driving by vehicle that has a collision mask with bit 24 set - Thanks to goelmc2 for pointing this out!
Slight fix to marker visibility check when loading game - spec -> self - Oversight, thanks to Vylayan for pointing this out!
Slight fix for error encountered server-side (multiplayer) on marker visibility event - unrelated to previous "check" issue
Slight change to updateTable(), "for" loop instead of "while" loop
Russian translation provided by Karl911 - Thank you!

this mod simply needs to be enabled for the trailer/truck to work.
Permission is not needed to create autoload trailers/trucks, end users of those mods simply need to have the EasyAutoLoad
in their mod directory and enabled at game start for the trailer/truck to work.
People wanting to create autoloading equipment using this mod can look to the "LizardAutoloader" trailer found on this site as an example/template for their own mods.
Valid vehicle xml types are "autoloadTrailer" for a trailer or "autoloadTruck" for a truck.
Both types include the TensionBelts specialization and have "baseAttachable" and "baseDrivable" respectively as their "parent" vehicleType categories
***Existing mods using the easyAutoLoad script will need to be updated to remove the script and inputBindings.
No need to edit the .i3d of the mod, EasyAutoLoad still looks for the same information as it did before.

Mods requiring this file:
FS19_LizardAutoload 1.0.0


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alfalfa6945 didn't upload this here, this is an ancient file. Nexusmods has the proper file

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