Eicher Königstiger II / Mammut II Update v1.0.1


Here is another mod from FBM

Version 1.0.1 update
Opening angle of the front screen increased by 10 °
LightType adapted in xml
ExitPoint adjusted
Engine start via simpleIC
Light via simpleIC
Adjusting the volume
New store picture

Adjustments for Simple IC:
Simple IC applications (the latest version is required to use all functions):
- Showing and hiding roof attachments
- Opening and closing the front window
- Opening and closing the driver's door
- engine start
- lighting control

I'm happy to introduce you to another of my mods.
It is the Eicher King Tiger II / Mammut II.
Price: 18000, -
Performance King Tiger II - 52HP
Power MammutII - 62HP

Design without, roll bar, roll cage, Fritzmeier top fabric, Fritzmeier top side panels sheet metal
Drive 2WD and 4WD
9 tire variants
Front loader console Baas Klincklader, Baas hydraulics including front protection
Front weight 150kg-550kg
-Fender flares, front fender
Choice of color of the rims
Color choice of body
Choice of color exhaust
Choice of color front loader console
fully animated driver
animated pedals
animated gear lever
LS19 lighting standard
RMT Real Manual Transmission with 3 gear configurations
simpleIC (by modelleicher)
I wish you all a lot of fun with the Eicher!
And remember ---> if it doesn't smoke it has no performance!
LG ls_oldtimer
Please only use the original download link.
The mod may NOT be uploaded again on other platforms.


Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
3d. Modell: ls_oldtimer
Sounds : qwertzuioqwe, PeterAH
Auspuff : Oldenfarm
simpleIC u. RMT : modelleicher

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