Enisey 850 v1.0.0.1


Changed in
- Added stacker;
- Fixed passenger;
- Some fixes and improvements.

Engine choice YaMZ-236DK-9 (185 hp / 221 kW), D-442-59I (500 hp / 368 kW);
Operating speed up to 10 km/h, transport speed up to 22 km/h;
Yenisei 850 has a bunker for 5000 liters;
Cost: 91490 y.e.;
Door tinting;
Choice of the manufacturing city: Krasnoyarsk, Orel, Lozova, Belaya Tserkov;
Choice of tail number;
Rear trailer;
It is possible to remove all shields;
Navigation system Trimble;
There is support for Universal Passenger;
Units: ZhKN-7KP, PPK-3, PSP-10, ZhVN-6, Argus 870E.
There are NO headers included!



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