Feldschwarm v1.0.0.0


Bigger, stronger, faster? Feldschwarm® marks a paradigm shift and vision instead of an incremental next step in machine development. Smaller and intelligent machines work together flexibly in an autonomously operating swarm to make agricultural processes more resource-efficient and sustainable.

From the research project, the real test demonstrator is now available in the farming simulator.

Experiment with the modular system consisting of a self-propelled and a tractor-drawn implement carrier, which can be equipped with a 3 m wide spring tine cultivator in the first version.

What other implements and system components do you see for your farm? Can you think of any new work flow for this technology?

Use the Courseplay modification to learn about the new tasks of a field swarm manager! Plan your operations with efficient swarm size and routing! And how do you monitor highly automated processes? Test yourself as a field swarm manager in Farming Simulator 19!

The Feldschwarm® is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and was developed by research institutes and medium-sized companies in Saxony.

- Price: 180000 $
- Power: 160 hp
- Fuel storage: 200 l

- Price: 60000 $

Feldschwarm Cultivator:
- Price: 6000 $
- Width: 3m
- Minimum power: 115 hp


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Commented on 2021-10-12 20:59:06

How is this a "TOP" mod. What the fuck is it even. I swear giants will give german modders top mod even if they mod a piece of shit in a toilet

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Commented on 2021-10-12 21:01:16

Not that we would ever see any favoritism towards German modders from Giants LOL

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Commented on 2021-10-14 09:59:36

Der Mod ist nicht schlecht, aber nutzlos versinkt er im Boden und es ist nichts mehr zu machen mit weiteren Vorkehrungen, Abstand zwischen Boden und Boden der Maschine zu kurz, fehlendes Blinklicht in letzter Zeit, in der Lage sein, das zu ändern Farbe, Reifen (größer) und ein größeres Arbeitsgerät Mit freundlichen Grüßen.

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Commented on 2021-10-14 18:32:49

I was wondering the same thing. This mod seems useless unless you buy a couple of dozen of them. I thought the point of farming simulation was to do the field work?

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