Fendt 700 Vario S5 v1.0.0.0


Fendt Vario 700 S5
Price: 183.000€
Power: 165hp

- Facelift
- Power or Profi variant
- Tire configuration
- RuL changeable
- frontloader changeable and selectable
- S4/S5 Generation

Engine configuration:
-Fendt Vario 714 Profi
-Fendt Vario 714 Power
-Fendt Vario 716 Profi
-Fendt Vario 716 Power
-Fendt Vario 718 Profi
-Fendt Vario 718 Power
-Fendt Vario 720 Profi
-Fendt Vario 720 Power
-Fendt Vario 722 Profi
-Fendt Vario 722 Power
-Fendt Vario 724 Profi
-Fendt Vario 724 Power
-Fendt Vario 726 Profi
-Fendt Vario 726 Power
-Fendt Vario 728 Profi
-Fendt Vario 728 Power

- Open the door, the rear window, the roof with interactiveControll(IC)


Modell: 700 Vario S5
Textur: bayer agra
Script: bayer agra
Idee / Konzept: bayer agra
Tester: MR.N
Sonstige: MR.N

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