Gaz 35071 and Saz 83173 v1.2.0


Changes V1.2.0
Changed the texture of the body and cabin, removed from the cabin every little thing, changed the light and minor edits
Capacity of 10 000 liters.
Two engines to choose from: 125 and 136 HP.
Max. speed — 90 km/h.
Working light, instrument panel with backlight shows speed and fuel level.
Dynamic hoses.
Unloading on 3 sides.
Realistic suspension, no bridges animation, but under the load subsides.
Carries standard loads, works with a silo.
Only the wheels get dirty.
There are working mirrors, but cloudy.



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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

Еще один в чужой мод полез!!!!

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