Grain Trucks Pack v2.0.0.0


Hello guys!

Today i finally finished the Grain Trucks pack. You know that i already released a few trucks and now the pack is 100%. It contains 6 trucks and 1 trailer. I hope you like it!

Update v2.0:

-Added Iveco truck

-Added trailer

-Fixed a few bugs with the other trucks.

-Everything now is one pack

YOU NEED TO UNZIP THE MOD! Inside you will find all trucks in separate files, so you can choose what to use and what not!


1. Wheels configurations

2. Color configurations for:

* Cabin

* Lower cabin

* Wheels

* Body

* Cover

* Body parts

3. Top lights configuration

4. Flags configuration

5. License Plate configuration

6. Normal grain truck or overloader configuration


If you want to support my work:

By doing this, you are giving me extra motivation to bring you more new mods. Thank you!

Soon there will be more stuff in the feature, so if you don't want to miss them follow my FB page:


Credits: SCS Software, Farm Centro Sul,FTmodding, P J Farzeugsonderbau/4nd1, Rick Black Labele,Noah1735 TWD Modding, Crownzilla

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Commented on 2021-09-14 15:56:15

hope you can make a daf truck in this pack

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Commented on 2021-09-14 18:46:14

Bellissimi mezzi , ci servivano....spero che presto saranno equipaggiati con simple IC cosi da essere perfetti....

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