Iveco Hlf 19 v1.0.0.0


Hlf the fire department Kaltenkirchen
Finally it's time again, the wait is over today. Hereby I present you the Hlf of the (fire brigade Kaltenkirchen) for the LS19.

The origin Mod is from FMFS

This mod is based as in Ls 17 but now completely redesigned. At this mod now the Ls 19 lights and blue lights were installed.
Blue lights are now blue no longer white
Rebuilt in-room of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter design
There were various lights grown z.b work light, sidelights and a warning system which is controlled by the hazard warning lights.

it is still a Dlk and still planned.
I wish a lot of fun driving to the next use.


Modell: FMFS/FTmodding/MOD SPF, Kakipower 29
Textur: FMFS/FTmodding/MOD SPF, Kakipower 29
Script: FMFS/FTmodding/MOD SPF, Kakipower 29
Idee / Konzept: FMFS,Kakipower 29
Tester: Kakipower 29
Sonstige:FMFS/FTmodding/MOD SPF, Kakipower 29

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

Ptddrrrr merci mec

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