JCB TM-320e v1.2.5.0


JCB TM-320e telescopic lift

- Various new Color settings.
- Added rear hitch for trailers.
- Rear hoses repositioned.
- New model of beacon light.
- Engine sound changed.
- Main Arm Rotation in elevation adjusted from 50 to 60 degrees.
- Improved Arm Distance from 160 centimeters to 180 centimeters.
- The type of horn has been changed.

- Now the wear of the vehicle (paint), it will take longer to appear.
- Front and Rear Connection Hoses now work properly.
- The interior camera has been repositioned.
- Adjusted arm movement.
- Price adjustment.
- New colors were added.
- Various minor adjustments.

- The radius and the turning speed have been adjusted.
- Dirt and wear time has increased.
- Version of modDesc updated to 53.

This JCB telescopic model has been taken from FS15 and converted to FS19.
It has been almost completely modified in Blender, separating parts and assigning different materials.

Technical specifications:

- Start price: € 38,000
- Engine: 143 hp
- Maximum speed: 43 km / h
- Wide tire configuration.
- Setting the rim color.
- Color adjustments of the chassis.
- Hydraulic color adjustments.
- Beacons Configuration.
- Connection of hoses.
- Indicators on the dashboard for Diesel speed, level and direction.


erShaba, toymatao [VSR Modding Sur]


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