JOHN DEERE 6M 2020 v1.0.0.0


The mod has some configs
Many simple functions
Turn signal moves
Light switch moves
I Farm Terminal is installed
BKT tires from Koedel
It has 195-216hp and is the 2020 version

This mod is required for a better engine sound:
there you have to add this entry under New Motor Sounds in the Moddesc:
<newMotorSound i3dFilename = ”series6M_L.i3d” externalMotorSoundFile = ”John_Deere / 6M / john_deere_6m_series.xml” modName = ”FS19_JohnDeere_6M_KV8 ″ />
Simpel IC is also required
Approvals available


Kevin8228, blauea

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