Kraz-255b New life v2.7.0.3


Domestic truck KrAZ-255B "New Life" of good quality with all standards of Farming Simulator 2019.

Changed in
- The side hoods are now painted with the cab;
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Pack contains three trucks: a conventional tractor, Kraz 255B ZSK-15 and Kraz 255B dump truck, and a semi-trailer KrZ-14.
- Engine: 177 kW / 240 hp;
- Max. speed: 80 km / h;
- Fuel tank capacity: 330 l.;
- Price of the car: 65,500 USD;
- Configuration of main color, design color and rim;
- Engine configuration (YMZ-238 / YMZ-6585-04);
- Wheel options;
- Design options (frame / additional lighting is installed);
- Removable hood shields;
- Dynamic hoses;
- With the help of the mouse, the saddle on the tractor is adjusted;
- Functional lighting technology;
- Functional dashboard;
- Animation of the cardan shafts;
- Suspension animation;
- Traces from the tires of the wheels;
- Gets dirty and washed.


Axary, VoronoV2


Commented on 2021-10-22 08:49:46

Doesn't works !!
not buyable

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