Kraz 258 v2.3.2


KrAZ 258 - 6x4 truck produced by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant (KrAZ), produced in the period from 1966 to 1977.

v2.3.2. Bugfixes. Fixed unloading from TZ-22 and AAPT-4 on some maps. Fixed collision mask on TZ-22 and AAPT-4. Fixed overload of liquid fertilizers and herbicides from D-375.

The KrAZ 258 is designed for transportation of goods with attached semitrailers with a total weight of up to 30 tons.

Mod pack contents:

KrAZ-258 road truck:
- price: 38,000;
- engine: YaMZ-238, 240 hp;
- speed: 82 km/h;
- configuration of the engine, wheels, design and main color;
- mirrors, animation of the suspension, cardan shafts, fan, arrows, pedals, gearshift, the dashboard is as animated as possible.

Semi-trailer tanker TZ-22:
- price: 21,000;
- transports fuel.
- volume of 22,000 liters;
- the function of refueling vehicles;
- wheel configuration, design and color (main and additional);

Semi-trailer water tank AAPT-4:
- price: 20,000;
- transports water.
- volume of 22,000 liters;
- wheel configuration, design and color (main and additional);

Dump semi-trailer with side unloading SP-22M:
- price: 18,000;
- transports all bulk cargo.
- volume of 22,000 liters;
- indication of the loaded quantity (option);
- wheel configuration, design and color;

Semi-trailer grain carrier with bottom unloading DNESTR-9357-02:
- price: 26,500;
- transports: wheat, barley, oats, canola, sunflower, soybeans, maize, seeds, woodchips, fertilizer, lime.
- volume 60,000 l.;
- wheel configuration, design and color (body and cover);

Semi low loader ChMZAP-5523:
- price: 14,000;
- enhanced fixation;
- wheel configuration, design and color;
- wide decking for oversized machinery (option);

Semi-trailer platform ChMZAP-99064K:
- price: 19,000;
- tension belts;
- wheel configuration, design and color;
- FS19_EasyAutoLoad by alfalfa6945 ready (autoload of bales and pallets);

Semi-trailer universal tank D-375:
- price: 20,000;
- volume of 17,000 liters;
- indication of the loaded quantity (option);
- wheel configuration, and color;

The wheels of the all models are unified, suspension animation, 2 options for tires and choise of rim color.
All models are washable and wearable. UDIM color system.
Required mod: FS19_EasyAutoLoad by alfalfa6945.



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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

Instead of complaining about the looks, keep it for yourself. This moder have actually invested a whole lot of his own time to deliver a great and fully working mod to this comunity. And this is what he get in return. Complains. You must remember he gives us this for free and for us to enjoy. So please give him creds instead of hate. This model is as close you can get to the real ones and he clearly have succeded here! I bet you could'nt made it bether yourself.

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