Large Pallet Warehouse v1.0.0.3


The mod brings 6 new pallets into the game (compound feed, diesel, liquid manure, digestate, water and milk).

Changelog version
- Russian translation added
- French translation added
- Minor bugs fixed

Changelog version
- Folder structure improved
- New categories added for a better overview

Changelog version
- Added lamps in building
- marker set
- Light made switchable
- Warning stripes made fade out
- Trigger markers made fade out
- Building moved to new category (AgraZ)
- Pallets and IBCs moved to new category (AgraZ)

These pallets can be bought in the shop. Also a warehouse for all palletized products is added.
It is a warehouse for large quantities. The products can either be stored and retrieved as pallets or stored and retrieved as bulk goods.

Mixed feed Bigpack:
Capacity: 1000l
price: 250 €

Diesel IBC:
Capacity: 2000l
Price: 3000 €

Fermentation residue IBC:
Capacity: 2000l
price: 150 €

Slurry IBC:
Capacity: 2000l
price: 150 €

Milk IBC:
Capacity: 2000l
price: 4000 €

Water IBC:
Capacity: 2000l
price: 10 €

Pallet warehouse:
Stores all palletized products:
construction costs 100.000 € , daily costs 10 €, capacity 10.000.000l for bulk/bigpacks and 100.000.000l for liquids/IBC

The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.
Seasons ready.



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