MAN Forst Lkw v1.2.5


Hi Guys,

Version 1.2.5
New there are: side lamps, lamps on the stanchions lamps on the front.
Kind regards

It is a MAN wood truck The Überarteiter has been.
It was a rull installed, the feather gone was heard, The wood pliers are now endless,
The crane can lift and continue to buckle.
On pictures is the black MAN The mod and the red The council truck.

Renewal 1.2.2.x
I have adjusted the mirrors, installed three headlights to see more in the dark when loading, with a headlamps I have added to light, adjusted the reversing light, crane folds up a little faster, on folding of crane, I changed the times of the pliers so that comes along better. Log in SP and MP errors free

Kind regards



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