Mercedes Antos WLF-K v1.2.0.0


Hello dear LS community
We are now the legal owner of the LS19 Antos WLF-K, which many of you liked after the 200 subscriber special release at the time.
A huge thank you goes out to modder Maurice for coming and realizing the deal!

+ Hook lift functions on the dashboard that can be controlled via Simple IC
+ Blue light and horn on the dashboard controllable by Simple IC
+ Crane supports in the outdoor area that can be controlled via Simple IC
+ blue light configs
+ Rear flasher configs and much more

You can find operating instructions for the vehicle here:
The corresponding THW skin is available here:
We are really looking forward to making the vehicle available to you again!
(This mod may not be re-uploaded anywhere as it is the legal property of Skins and more TeamT&M!)
( If this mod is uploaded again somewhere, please report it! )


TeamTM Tobi
Urheberrechtsinhaber TeamT&M

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