Mobile ramp v1.0.0.0


Mod Mobile ramp version 1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
Ramp to your farm. Soiled and washed. The effect of aging. The platform leans back and stands on the supports. Price - 100. Pure log.
Mod author: Evgen333



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Commented on 2018-12-22 19:23:06

ca glisse la ramp quand tu freine stp aisse de la fixer au sole Merci

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Commented on 2018-12-22 20:06:05

ROFL!!!! The irony of seeing this appear here today. On my trucking route I started delivering to a City Market that has that exact ramp parked in an awkward place that we have to maneuver around it whenever we deliver there. It belongs to the Big R next door.

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Commented on 2018-12-22 22:04:55

know that is a cool mod can anyone let the modder know that westbridge hills needs fixed/improved maybe make it where we can place stuff down like animals and fix the roads so they look better I don't think theres issues with the map im not sure why I cant place stuff down I mean I could go in the editor and see whats causing it but like a area that should allow stuff to be placed flat and empty it wont let me makes no sence

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