Samson Slurry Pack v1.4.0.0


This package includes the PG II 25 and PG II 35 and their accessories from the main game.

+ steering of the intake pipe revised
+ fixed filllevel error on the PGII35m Profi when configuring the intake pipe

PG II 25
Price: 139350
Capacity: 25000 l
Required Power: 200 hp
Maximum Working Speed: 21 kph / 13 mph

PG II 35
Price: 177350
Capacity: 35000 l
Required Power: 350 hp
Maximum Working Speed: 21 kph / 13 mph

SD 700
Price: 51200
Required Power: 250 hp
Working Width: 7 m
Maximum Working Speed: 20 kph / 12 mph

TD 12
Price: 9200
Working Width: 12 m
Maximum Working Speed: 20 kph / 12 mph

SBH4 36
Price: 51100
Working Width: 36 m
Maximum Working Speed: 21 kph / 13 mph

+ The machines now work at a speed of up to 21 kilometers per hour
+ Color choice was added
+ Michelin tires have been added
+ Choice of one or two beacon lights
+ The PG II 25 and PG II 35 are available in the Easy and Profi version
+ The Easy version behaves like the original barrels when filling, overloading and unloading, but the animations for the intake pipe have been removed
+ The Profi version can only be filled via the arm. To fill other barrels, you have to move the intake pipe very close to the nozzle, unloading works as before
+ The control of the intake pipe was placed on the front loader control, so control is possible via the joystick
+ To turn the intake pipe extension, please open / close the cover
+ Manure System from Wopster (just PC/MAC Profi Version)

Required Mods:
- Slurry Dealer Pack (By: TF 2020 MODS)


TF 2020 MODS

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

John Deere seem to be naturally good tractors for slurry spreading or muck spreading, I mean it's just a natural american thing spreading shite everywhere ...isn't it?

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