Seasons GEO:Productions v1.0.2.0


This GEO is necessary for the operation of the factory system in the maps that are adapted to it.


-New adapted maps.

-The weather, growth and economy of standard products correspond to the standard configuration of Seasons.


-Adjustments in production values.

-The data of the Pellets and Eco Green factories have been added.

-Temperature settings.

-Adjustments of various crops.

All VSR Modding Sur group factory modifications are compatible with this GEO.

Currently Adapted Maps:

-La Coronella

-The Old Farm Countryside

-La Coronella 2.0

-Chamberg Valley

-Westbridge Hills



Required Mods:

- Placeable Factories Pack (By: erShaba)

- Placeable Factories Pellet Pack (By: Vanquish081 [VSR Modding Sur])

- Seed Factory (By: erShaba (VSR Modding Sur))

- TMR / PigFood Production (By: erShaba)

- Placeable EcoGreen Factories (By: Vanquish081 [VSR Modding Sur])



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