Warehouse Of Products On Pallets v1.0.0.0


Warehouse for all kinds of products on Pallets. This Warehouse acts as a farm silo, but for products on pallets, whether they

are produced in factories or pallets of wool, eggs. This mod is mainly intended for Maps adapted for factories that use the system of

animals, so any of those maps is 100% compatible with this mod.It is highly recommended to use autoload platforms together with this mod.

Required Mods:

- AutoLoad IT-Runner Platform For Pallets (By: erShaba)

- Placeable Factories Pack (By: erShaba)

- Seed Factory (By: erShaba (VSR Modding Sur))

- TMR / PigFood Production (By: erShaba)


erShaba (VSRModdingSur)

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Commented on 2021-06-18 20:28:33

Die Saatgut Paletten für die Hof Bergmann von ifko werden als normales erkannt. Währe schön wenn man sie eintragen könnte ??

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