2009 Topkick C8500 v1.0.0.0


Changes that I made: Custom-made flatbed and backpack toolbox, from scratch. Ali-Arc front bumper option, with additional lights. Custom sounds, I am not sure where these came from originally, but they are not mine. 9-speed Eaton Fuller transmission, complete with shifter. Swinging chains on the headache rack. A custom pintle hitch with opening and closing shackle dependent on what type of trailer is connected. I'm sure there are a few things that I am missing.


Base Color

Backpack Toolbox Color

Backpack Doors color

Flatbed Color

Front Bumper: Stock, Ali-Arc

Logos: Crop Production Service, and three logo options with corresponding DDS files that you can edit to add your own logos!

Go Light: Yes, or No (not my model, from Division Modding I believe)

CB Antennas: Left, Right, both. These are custom-made Fire Stiks  that will flex and move as you drive. 

Any of the pieces that I have made, I give express permission to utilize in any projects, and if you remember to credit me, all the better!


This is Ben Kempa's C8500 Hauler; additional credits are in the Moddesc.

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