Acetic Acid Production Revamp Edition v1.0.0.0


The mod includes acetic acid production, silo for compost, silo for acetic acid, one trailer and one semi-trailer for all liquids. With the acetic acid production can be produced from silage - acetic acid, as a by-product is compost. Compost and acetic acid can be sold either directly at the storage silo or at the wholesale and further processed in still appearing productions. Revamp or newer is required to use this mod and to enjoy the advantages of the revamp script, e.g. the respective fill levels can be read directly from digital displays. The mod info panel can be changed or hidden at the corners of the panel. Acetic acid production: Price: 65000 $ Capacity: - Silage: 1000000 l - Compost: 1000000 l - Acetic acid: 100000 l Compost silo: Price: 10000 $ Capacity: 10000000 l Acetic acid silo: Price: 10000 $ Capacity: 10000000 l Mks8: Price: 25000 $ - 40000 $ Capacity: 8000 l - 50000 l Mks32: Price: 68000 $ - 118000 $ Capacity: 32000 l - 150000 l


Zoddel Zockt


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