Apple tree BETA v1.0.0.0


User manual and description: How fruit trees work: In order for fruit to grow on the tree, the following is necessary: Water,
organic manure, fertilizer, lime.The tree will have ripe fruit in September-October of the following year.
When starting a new career, it is important to know that the tree will not bear fruit no matter how you water it
, max next year during September and October.
It is important to take the fruit off the tree as soon as possible because it is invisible in the following time phases
will be, the game imitates rot (in November).
I am aware of the warning, and I will try to fix it later.
Beta because: There are 13 warnings per piece of wood, because the birth spawning limit is out of size.
Specifications: The apple tree is 6.2 meters high. A maximum of 13 apples can be born on one tree. It can be harvested in September and October every year.
- Price: 100 Euro



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