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Changelog: (New save NOT required)
- Added Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip to PLANTER fruitTypeCategory for Multifruit versions of the map to allow these crops be sown with any planters
- Added straw harvest fill types to the sellpoints on the map with same price multiplier as straw harvest sellpoint
- Adjusted sellpoints price scale for the WINDROW category
- Added possibility for a great demand to occur for all the main fill types at each sellpoint
- Repositioned manure spawn point for the selfmade pigsty to the back of the shed for easier mucking out
- Extended animal loading trigger for selfmade pigsty to come out to the front of the shed
- Made Pigfood the default fill plane for the food trough in all pig husbandries in the map
- Increased height type limit for non multifruit versions of the map to improve compatibility with mods that add their own custom height types
- Reduced occurance of Garda car traffic vehicle
- Fixed error for CPU Mesh on D1000 240 sized bales. Was causing tension belts not to show on those bales
- Made carrot & parsnip harvestable up until February

A fictional Irish map based in the West of Ireland with 255 fields, mainly grassland with some arable fields. There are 12 farm yards to choose from plus an additioanl Contractors yard at the BGA.
Highly customisable map with all buildings, walls, hedges, fences and yard clutter etc. removable.

Note: Once you start in either Farm Manager or Start from Scratch modes, you dont own any land so wont be able to interact with any of the objects etc. until you purchase some land.

Majority of gates on the map are opened by default. This is to allow access to the fields etc. to complete contracts. You can only open/close the gates that are on land that you own. This is a compromise so the gates can be sold.
The gates can only be sold when closed as they have no collision when opened.

The open animal pastures in the map have a placement marker to show the size when placing. After placement, this marker needs to be manually turned off by walking up to the sign and checking your help menu for the button that needs to be pressed.
The feed troughs can also be hidden by walking up to them and checking your help menu for the button that needs to be pressed. The trigger is between the food and water troughs in most of them and just to the side of the chicken feed trough.

- Custom Animals: Calves, Heifers, Bulls, Piglets, Boars, Lambs, Rams, Kids, Goats, Foals, Chicks, Ducklings and Ducks plus standard Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Horses and Chickens
- The Goats give you Milk
- Note: You need to use a sheep pasture that supports Milk in order for the Goats to produce Milk. All the built in pastures that come with the map support Milk but be aware that most modded pens and the basegame pens will not have support for Milk
- Custom Cattle Breeds: Hereford & Jersey plus basegame Holstein & Angus
- The cows on the map have Irish ear tags
- Cows can be fed with Silage (As well as the normal TMR etc.) and the Calves can be fed with Milk
- Custom TMR recipe which will allow you to use Wheat, Barley, Oats, Maize, Fieldbean, Potato, Sugarbeet, Sugarbeet Cut, Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip alongside Mineral Feed
- Chickens & Ducks will give you manure provided the chicken pen you are using has been setup to support this. The chicken pens on the map support manure production
- The Cow and Pig Sheds on the map have manure spawn points adding the ability for the sheds to be mucked out manually into a manure heap
- Multi Terrain Angle
- Emergency Pack mod supported
- Straw Harvest addon supported
- Premium DLC crops supported
- Multifruit: alfalfa, clover, hops, millet, mustard, onion, peas, rye, linseed & fieldbean
- Custom version of the basegame Grimme Evo 290 Potato harvester included to enable harvesting of onions. This can be purchased from the miscellaneous section of the shop.
- Height Type Limit increased
- Ability to get Straw from Canola
- Custom Grass textures
- FastFarming's custom cut grass texture
- Weeds in Grassland Fields including Alfalfa & Clover on Multifruit versions
- Custom crop textures: BejiFS's Maize textures, Hubxon750's custom Potato textures & BulletBill's custom Wheat, Barley, Oat and Canola (OSR) textures
- Forgotten Plants Bale Textures Pre-Installed
- Increased Yield from Grass and Straw swaths
- Custom Tarp, Manure and Stone textures
- 4D Modding's custom solid slurry texture pre-installed.
- JMZ's custom Manure ground textures pre-installed.
- Perma’s Modding's custom Rolling texture pre-installed.
- JMZ's custom Lime textures pre-installed.
- Custom Traffic. AlienJim's Left Hand Drive traffic pack installed. The traffic only have a collision on the back right of them to make it easier pass then when blocked up.
- Irish Number Plates
- Disturbed Simulations seasonal growth plan
- Relight Installed
- Custom Sounds
- Custom NPC's
- Custom Mission Vehicles
- Collectibles
- Road Network built in Blender
- All hedges have collisions
- The Hedges can be removed with a chainsaw/mulcher. Walk side to side at the hedge until you see the green ring appear to cut the hedge. Best to use a mulcher as this will remove the hidden tree stump at the same time, sometimes this stump can bug out and leave a hidden collision behind.
- Removable Walls, Fences etc. (Check your help menu for what button to press at the object to remove)
- Productions and sell points
- Precision farming ready with realistic soil map
- Most things only work once the land has been bought. Animals, silos etc.

Due to the amount of removable hedges on the map (These hedges are seen as trees by the game to be able to be removed), the map has exceeded the maximum tree limit for the game.

To remove the pre-placed barbed wire fences and other fence types painted in using construction mode in multiplayer you need to be in Farm ID #1 as this is the only farm that can own these fences by default.

Farmland 176 in the middle of Field 190 is deliberately made very expensive to purchase. This small farmland is present to enable the starting farm land be sold without first needing to sell all the pre-placed placeable fences.
Note: If you do purchase farmland 176, you wont be able to sell it without first selling the pre-placed placeable fences.

The parked cars on the map can be removed by going to the shop and just inside the shop building on the right as you enter the shop building, there is a trigger and in your help menu you will be prompted to press a button to "Hide Parked Cars"
Note: This will only take effect once you reload the game as the cars get spawned into position when the game loads up.

Included with the map is a tire that you can purchase from the pallets menu in the shop and use to decorate your silage pit after covering.

Included with the map are copies of all basegame animal husbandries. You need to use these husbandries from the map otherwise animals will not appear in the pens if you place one of the basegame ones.

There are four versions of the map included. These allow you to select whether you want to use the Relight mod lighting system pre-installed or the standard lighting system and whether or not you want to play with Multifruit.
You will see four versions listed when starting your savegame, select the one you would prefer to use and create your savegame as normal.

For an explanation of number plate format for those not from Ireland, checkout the description of our number plates prefab pack here.

Credits: Reference the Contributors tags. If there is anyone we forgot to mention, apologies :)

This is the Crossplay version of the map, if you play on PC, checkout the PC version here. (New save NOT required)
- Removed custom wildlife spawner xml - suspected to be causing random crashes on console and performance issues on PC
- Added collisions to the feed troughs in the open pastures to allow the pastures be sold in construction menu
- Increased feed capacity of all husbandries to last 36hrs at max animal capacity
- Fixed pricing of bullocks and yearlings - value was shooting up every month
- Removed collisions from selfmade cowshed and selfmade pigsty gates when opened
- Increased the distance objects go under the ground when hidden
- Tweaked the look of the cut grass stubble - Added some variance to the width and height
- Made the animal dealer icon disappear when interactive zone markers turned off
- Updated NPC 30
- Added revision number to loading screen map name for easier troubleshooting. Multifruit/Relight description now only appears when creating your savegame
- Added JMZ's custom Manure ground textures
- Regenerated the navigation mesh for the cow pasture at dark blue farm - cows now roam all of the pasture
- Regenerated the navigation mesh for the sheep pasture at yellow farm - sheep now roam all of the pasture
- Made wool pallet area markers for sheep pasture at yellow farm disappear when interactive zone markers turned off
- Fixed tip collisions on the U shaped silage pits that come with the map
- Reduced wind speeds for each month
- Implemented Farmer_Andy's fix for beetroot log warnings
- Reduced straw and grass swath outputs slightly
- Added Beetroot, Carrot & Parsnip to PLANTER fruitTypeCategory to allow these crops be sown with any planters (New save requirements detailed below)
- Prevented grain silo's from automatically taking in manure and milk from husbandries (New save NOT required)
- Fixed alignment of fence between fields 176 & 177 (New save NOT required)
- Reduced height of cut grass stubble to make it easier see slurry texture (New save NOT required)
- Adjusted min and max temperatures and wind speeds during each month (New save NOT required)
- Smoothed some humps in the terrain in some fields (New save required)
- Fixed alignment of fence at the lake in Field 185 (New save required)
- Fixed animations on some of the stone walls - Now go under map instead of up in the sky (New save NOT required)
- Added FastFarming's custom cut grass texture (New save NOT required)
- Made it so Poplar grows faster - Now grows within 7 months of planting (New save NOT required)
- Updated preview image (New save NOT required)
- Added custom Stone texture (New save NOT required)
- Increased capacities of the custom basegame animal husbandries (New save NOT required)
- Added support for Goats to the custom basegame sheep husbandries (New save NOT required)
- Separated cattle crush and feed barriers from clutter out to animated objects in Red Farm & Dark Green Farm (New save NOT required)
- Added cattle crush and feed barrier to the shop as placeables (New save NOT required)
- Reduced storage radius on manure pits to improve probability of manure spawning in sheds instead of automatically going to the manure pit (New save NOT required)
- Adjusted manure and slurry output for cows and pigs to better align with food input as they get older (New save NOT required)
- Regenerated ground collision mask - Was preventing grass swath from dropping in animal pastures (New save NOT required)
- Added deco lights to the garda car & milk truck in ai traffic (New save NOT required)
- Adjusted capacities of each animal pasture to better suit the consumption of each animal type (New save NOT required)
- Added new NPC (New save NOT required)
- Prevented Alfalfa from appearing twice on the prices list (New save NOT required)
- Moved barrier back to edge of the road at garage / spuds sellpoint (New save NOT required)
- Fixed Oats not appearing in the field while growing (New save NOT required)
- Removed Milk Production from the Beef Cattle Breeds description (New save NOT required)
- Made the siren on Garda car the horn so it's not constantly playing (New save NOT required)
- Made it possible to plant canola & rye in Spring (New save NOT required)
- Added weeds after planting grass, alfalfa & clover (New save NOT required)
- Added option to purchase Cows (Yearlings) and Bulls (Bullocks) at 12 months old (New save NOT required)
- Adjusted buying and selling prices at each growth stage for the cows and bulls (New save NOT required)
- Replaced metal gate into field 17 with a rusty gate (New save required)
- Added JMZ's custom Lime textures (New save NOT required) (New save required)
- Fixed issue with animals not appearing in modded husbandries
- Added copies of the basegame animal husbandries to the map folder to avoid issue with animals not appearing in basegame husbandries. You must use these instead of the basegame husbandries to avoid this issue.
- Map expanded to use the entire 2x canvas. 2 new farm yards for you to choose from
- BGA reworked. Contractor Yard added to BGA.
- Light Green Farm Yard Extended
- Orange Farm Yard reworked
- Added Grain Silo to Light Purple Farm & Light Blue Farm
- Added Multifruit
- Farmlands redone
- Field Numbers redone
- Separated Sheep into different fill types for each colour to avoid the sheep randomly changing colour
- Corrected LUA error that occurred when trying to sell the slurry pit at the main farm
- Made the slurry pit available in the construction menu as a placeable
- Removed Refillable Tanks mod as a dependency
- Added Meadow Fence Pack mod as a dependency
- Added Sully's Slatted Cow Shed mod as a dependency
- Added Pig Tail Polytape Electric Fences mod as a dependency
- Added custom Potato textures
- Increased Height Type Limit to allow more fruit types be added to the map
- Added BenjiFS's custom Maize textures
- Added BulletBill's custom Wheat, Barley, Oat and Canola textures
- Added Vintage style Irish Number Plate Options
- Changed preview image
- Changed Overview image (aka PDA)
- Removed terrainDetail painted around the edges of the fields that doesnt get spawned in by the field definitions
- Made it so four versions of the map can be selected when creating your savegame. Relight or without Relight & Multifruit or without Multifruit
- Fixed rotation of the right wheels on the JD tractor that appears in the traffic
- Tweaked probability of the traffic to ensure all custom vehicles appear in the traffic
- Added bale triggers to all animal pens so bales can be fed directly for both food and straw in all pens now
- Made the Grain Silo's multifruit so you can store all crops if you desire
- Added animated fish to the lake and river for decoration
- Changed texture for the cows ear tags to Irish ear tag
- Added Straw and Manure to the chicken pastures on the map. Chickens will now give out manure if fed with straw. The open chicken pasture will spawn manure, the fenced pen requires a manure heap to be placed in order to produce manure
- Added Manure spawn points to the cow and pig sheds on the map so the sheds now need to be mucked out
- Added Cotton, Sugarcane, Grapes & Olives back into the growth calendar
- Added splines to all back roads and lanes to enable ai worker functionality
- Removed straw from sorghum
- Added object storage functionality to the Bale Storage Shed, Rusty Hay Shed, Large Open Bay Shed & Flat Concrete Silage Pad
- Made the parked cars removable
- Made the fuel tanks at each farm refillable rather than just a buy trigger
- Made the calf iglu's from the PC version available in the construction menu
- Removed display tractors and forklift from shop as these were using up slots in the slot count
- Removed default animals from all husbandries as these cause issues on console when farm is not owned by the player
- Removed numerous placeables across the map to reduce the slot count


Irish_Conor, GlengarBoy - Eire Agri Modding

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