Braud 9070L Tool Holder BETA



Vineyard tractors are good for working quietly, but when you can do everything with one vehicle, it's even better

You will have understood this mod simply offers you to attach all the tools necessary for the cultivation of the vine on the Braud 9070L

So you save the purchase of a vineyard tractor.

What is present in addition to the basic Braud:

-1 attachment at the front for the pre-pruner (invisible but there while waiting to create the front arrow in a future version) (to be used with the Braud unfolded to follow the row)

-2x 3 points at the rear for mulching and plowing 2 inter-row rows at a time (to be used with the Braud folded to follow the ground)

For plowing I recommend the lemken d27_55k mod because the discovigne is too wide

-1x 3-point height for attaching a fertilizer spreader and future spraying systems. (You will need to use a loader to mount the tool in height to attach it)

- A 90 ° turning radius like on the real model to turn on the spot (this is a real advantage of the Braud range compared to its competitors in reality so let's take advantage of it)

This mod is best used with my Narrow Vines file

There is a warning but not annoying. (Constant 60fps)

PS I am looking for someone who would be interested to help me modify the 3d (make the harvesting head removable)


GIANTS ; Morlarix

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