Case 90 series v1.0.0.0


Here is a edit of OldIron1214 Case 90 series tractors. I gave this tractor a BIG face lift as it was pretty bland so to speak.. I added a new frame, new engine redid the interior, added FWA option and  redid the front loader i got it match the Case 90 front loader as close as i could get it. AGAIN i am no modder but i am slowly learning how to build things as there is some pieces on this tractor that i did build my self in blender.


2090-2590 series models, UDIM Textures, various tire options, weight options, also has rock box option it does have a collision if u wanted to store something inside it, 2 gauge options, indoor hud, case 90 front loader option, 2 front loader decal options, Rear window decal option, mirror option, front fender 2wd fender option, pipe color option black or silver, animated levers, pedals, working window wiper, connectable hoses.

Simple IC Features

You will need the simple ic mod for the following features..

Door, windows and steering column..

All credit goes to the original modders. This mod has been ran through test runner and the only errors is the poly count and shapes. If any other know error be sure let me know i did little bit of testing on it and didn't see find any but im sure someone will eventually.. Thanks and ENJOY!


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