Cat 335 Next Gen v1.0.0.0


Today I'm releasing my Cat 335NG because I already know its going to get passed around so I might as well release it for everyone to use.

Simple IC mod is recommended to be able to use doors, side compartments, and other thing on this machine.

There are oversize flags you can use for hauling it. Go to the left sprocket and hit the simple IC point to make them visible.

There is a bucket that comes with it, but I recommend using GEM's 20-40 or 40-60 ton buckets on it.


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Commented on 2023-11-30 10:26:38

just as a thought and would be good to use on this mod would be the grapple saw that's used along side the dcl tools. this is only an idea and fully respect if cant be done . but in all fantastic mod keep good work

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Commented on 2023-12-01 22:24:02

It would be nice to have the setup with the Rotne forestry header

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