Caterpillar 335 Hydraulic Excavator v1.0.0.0


Hey Folks , I am here to release my 335 I have ingamed , this will come with the machine along with buckets , and files to add to your terrafarm version
It has custom specmaps , dynamic controls , doors and panels open with the Simple Interactive Control mod. It will hook up to action elis 20-40 ton buckets and the platinum DLC tools as well! Thank you and enjoy!


EB Modding

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Commented on 2024-04-02 12:38:57

Hello, sorry, but your machine does not have the terrafarm, you want to add something to our terrafarm which does not work it would be much simpler for you to install the already existing one and much simpler for us to use it thank you to you hoping that you will make the change but without really believing in it like all mod builders

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