Caterpillar AP555F v1.0.0.0


This is my Caterpillar AP555F paver that I made. You will need my Caterpillar 304E2 mod as it creates the store category for this machine. It can pave pretty darn smooth as long as the ground under is flat. To pave, open the cover and that will open the hopper. Then, back upto it with a dumptruck and dump Asphalt into the hopper. Then, use mouse controls to lower the screed and move the wings in and out. The width of the wings will effect how wide or narrow the machine paves. You can also change if it matches to the left, to the right, both sides, or neither sides using the different "tip sides".Then set the cruise control forward and start discharging the asphalt. This mod, like most of my mods is a WIP. I add stuff as I think of them and I am constantly tweaking and updating it. As always, let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.


JWeezy Construction

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Commented on 2024-05-11 15:51:49

Far too many of these, the game is called FARMING SIMULATOR not CONSTRUCTION SIMULATOR the whole fkn site is flooded with them, create a Discord and park ur sh*te on there.

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Whaaaa whaaaaa "There's mods that don't cater to MY WANTS" whaaa whaaaa

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