Claas Lexion Series Pack (IC) v1.1.0.0


Hello everyone!

After many (really many) hours of tinkering, the time has finally come and I can present you my version of the Claas Lexion Pack from the lovely DoctorKorXX "Stucki" from the DorfDödels.

At this point we would like to thank you again for allowing us to publish it!

The pack has been updated and intensively developed. The main features include the integrations of InteractiveControl, DashboardLive, CombineXP and Workcameras.


DashboardLive integration

* Main display with numerous completely new decals based on the original model

* CombineXP integration

* Main display can be switched to road driving mode with its own DBL page --> completely new view with your own new decals and sliders

* The two GPS screens are also equipped with DBL and have received new screens and features. From your own minimap icons to lane guidance and many other details

* The top GPS is switchable between GPS guidance mode and minimap view

* Sounds for DBL

* InteractiveControl - Complete conversion to InteractiveControl

Numerous functions can be controlled via IC. These include:

• All animations already known from the pack (top and maintenance flaps, doors, ladder, tank cap, sun visors, ...)

• Folding the bunker in/out

• Pipe control (folding in/out, bunkering, light)

• Cutting unit control (on/off, up/down, …)

• Separate threshing mechanism control (requires CombineXP)

• Light control (outdoor lights/work lights, RUL, tube light, cabin light, ...)

• Cutting units: Rapeseed knives and stalk dividers that can be mounted via IC

• More little details to explore ;)

Support for Workcamera Mod

The thresher itself has several work cameras that support you at work and when maneuvering, e.g.

• Backup camera

• Pipe camera

• Bunker camera

• Train mouth camera

• Camera for attaching the cutting unit

Please respect my work and Please keep my original link.



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