Countyline Multi 4X V2.0.0.0


Countyline Multi 4X v2.0.0.0 Final

KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

Hey all found some old notes on stuff I needed to do.

Wells Fargo Now buys gold.

You can sell Diesel at all fuel stations on map. 

So this update finishes Large Pig farm on lumber mill side of map. 

Each farm has oil well to get extra income. 

To get the most from crude oil I recommend FS22_CrudeOilProduction mod by BartsoNv3 

you would be able to produce oil products to sell for more income.

Small Pig farm now has Horse Husbanry with large walk area.

Added Chickens to starter farm with large free range walk area.

Biofuel Productions around bakery area now makes Diesel fuel from corn oil or Crude oil.

Completed all map fence areas all can be removed if you want something different.

Many areas have added trees bushes etc. for better looks.

Updated Autodrive course in Autodrive directory within the Countyline4x Map zip file.

Starter Farm now has field 13, 23, and 24 instead of the old 1 field start. Fields 23 and 24, one has alfalfa ready to harvest and the other has clover. 13 has oats as base large start field also ready to harvest. This gives large amounts of straw to help in what ever manner you want.

Because shape size has gotten bigger than 396 giants

says consol players may have problems.

Enjoy and have Fun with it.

Peace Out 



KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, geeman72, Tofo69

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your version of "Fantasy Simulator" SUCKS!

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you suck worser!

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