Deere/Hitachi ZX135US/135C v1.0.0.0


Uploading since I don't play FS too much anymore.
Sadly doesn't have any Dirt/Wear, and the blade doesn't work it's just a stabilizer/for looks. If I update it I'll make sure to include both.
Got a pretty clean I3D/xml file so edits should be straightforward.
It's not fully finished, would like to do more at some point but it's a very usable mod. Few errors/warnings.
Werk Brau thumb, bucket/coupler setup
$81,500 For the machine
$5,000 For the bucket
holds 1200 L (Realistic Capacity)
John Deere/Hitachi variants
Thumb works great
Has SimpleIC for most doors
Terrafarm File included



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