Distillery v1.0.0.0


This mod includes a distillery for alcohol. It can produce brandy, grain, rum and vodka from various fruits.
Water, blank plates and cartons are also needed for production. Waste products are compost, pig feed and molasses.

Construction costs: 225000 €

The molasses and the compost can be sold directly or, with a suitable transport vehicle, at the wholesale. The alcohol can be sold at the liquor store.

Required modfs:
Sawmill: FS22_SawmillWithBarkmulch.zip
Production For Empty Pallets And Barrels: FS22_PalettAndBarrelProduction.zip
Paper and Cardboard Production: FS22_PaperAndCardboardProduction.zip
Liquor Store: FS22_LiquorStore.zip

Recommended mods:
Wholesale: FS22_Wholesale.zip



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Commented on 2022-08-06 09:55:13

Hi. where to find the mod Liquor Store?

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