Euromach R1055 Forester v1.0.0.0


The R1055 Forester excavator was born from Euromach’s forty

years of experience in construction of articulated excavators.

The R1055F is an universally usable forestry and digging machine that

allows you to do multiple types of jobs. Using this vehicle requires a

seperate attachment.

Price: 500.000 $

Engine: Deutz 3600 cc 105 Kw (142 Hp) version Stage V with FAP + SCR and


MaxSpeed: 20 kph.

Usable accessories:

- Standard bucket compatibile with quick coupler 380 Rototilt:

Price: 5.000 $

Capacity: 1500 liters

- Rostrum with logs grab.:

Price: 12.000 $

- Rostrum with harvester head:

Price: 20.000 $

- The 380 Rototilt quick coupling compatible with the Seppi M BMS 150


Price: 8.000 $

- The accessories can be found in the Tools - Forestry equipment category.



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