EXP22 Chevrolet Bison v1.0.0.0


Rework of my original FS22 release.


Minor texture updates

Added longer frame option. This option is compatible with the TLX Phoenix X2 bed attachments.

New sounds from the Derek Champlins Kenworth W900L

Added Simple IC support. Doors, windows, turn lever, lights and ignition can all be controlled with it.

Added engine options (From TLX Phoenix)

Added new rack options from Derek Champlins Kenworth W900L.

Minor QOL adjustment.


Two frame options, short and long. Long frame is compatible with the TLX Phoenix X2 bed attachments.

Functional doors, windows, ignition key and lights. You will need the latest version on Simple IC to use these features.

Adjust able mirror via mouse control.

Several engine options thanks to the TLX Phoenix.

New rack options.

Minor texture updates.

You will need Simple IC to use some of the features of this mod:




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