Fed Mods Pack v3.3.0.0


Moin folks,

Mod Pack 3.3
- New feedlot construction plan
- New feedlot cow pasture suitable for the feedlot construction plan
- Horse box collision changed again
- McDonald's point of sale flying parking lot marker deleted
- Construction site sales point expanded to include the new products insulation, glass panes and windows

Better late than never. This is now my FED Mod Pack. The package is a summary of all platziebare mods from me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
6 Multisilos with bale intake + 4 expansion silos
Lime station for purchase and storage of lime e.g. at the farm
Plant protection station for purchasing and storing herbicides e.g. at the farm
Wood direct sales for the one-off sale of logs
More mods will follow in the coming weeks / months.
Have fun with it



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