Fendt 900 SCR Edited v1.0.0.0


Hello. I present you the legendary Fendt 900 SCR!
The mod is not originally mine, the original creator is listed down below!

2x Michelin Man
6x Cabin Visuals
2x LED FrontBlitzers
2x Stickers
1x Horseshoe
2x Trumpets

Custom Trumpets Sound!

Fixed the color issue of the original creators mod, the hood of the tractor had a different color than the rest of it, and made it selectable.
Fixed a couple of mistakes in the XML regarding configurations.

- Price: 143.000
- Power: 245 - 410hp
- Category: Large Tractors

Expect updates of the mod in the future.
I hope you enjoy of this reEdit, if you find some mistakes that I have missed, please comment down bellow, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.
Thank you!


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