Ford Ranger 2024 v1.0.0.2


Ford Ranger model 2024

Bug fixes and adjustments
- Added electric sea hood (also functional with IC)
- Added fender flares, which are now paintable in the color palette
- Added Raptor Style Grille with color option
- Added plastic or chrome footboard detail option
- Added Option without Roof Rack
- Added new color palette for benches
- Added PX Radio (Appears together with the antennas)
- Added adjustment of mirrors with mouse
- Improved lighting

- XLS 2.0, XLS V6, XLT and Limited model options
- Various wheel and tire configurations

- Grilles and bumpers
- Exhaust
- Additional Lights
- Fenders
- Door trims
- Rear view mirrors
- Bumper lip and mudguards
- Stickers
- Couplers
- px antenna
- Glass

Color Design:
- Chassis
- Banks
- Wheels

Improved physics (Still being tested and will be updated), I'm trying to leave a good middle ground for those who play without mods and for those who play with REA22 (I believe that's the majority).
** Many parts were modeled and others were remade to make the Wildtrack model already posted here, the 2024 model (at least here in my country).
All original credits go to the creators of the mod, this is just an edit.
Clean log, but any bugs, errors or improvements, leave your feedback and it will be evaluated.
Enjoy. Have a good game!



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