FS22 IH4900SingleAxleDump CHS v2.0


I want to be clear so i dont catch his snoody comments lol This is wood meadows base truck. BUT i literally redid everything compare the durastar next to this and than come talk to me. he is in credits. And is public, refer to my disclaimer on group page.

This pairs with the big tex trailer i just released as it has dynamic hoses for the tag. Just a basic dump come check us out at CHS custom modding on facebook

ChangeLog- Fixed dirt mask not showing up, added dynamic mudflaps, lights now cast shadows, changed mass, power, brake force, new wheels and tires. redid frame in blender to take shaders as it wouldn't prior. deleted extra file sources from zip. renamed i3d.


ENG51INE CHS custom modding with the 4900 revise