Gemeinde Rade RLSF-Edition v2.0.0.1


Welcome to the municipality of Rade, which we have rebuilt. We've changed a few things but still tried to keep the basic structure of the map.

Minor Hotfix :
- Deco moved
- Lantern adjusted at the shop
- MP placebales adjusted due to a bug with the clamp silos.

Good evening dear community, today is the day.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for 10,000 members on our Discord.
For this reason, the Municipality of Rade RLSF Edition is now available for download.

What was changed on the map:
- More ground angle
- Newly built courtyards
- Landscape remodeled
- Road and sidewalk textures renewed
- Tunnel direction cattle trade removed
- New outlets and productions installed
- BGA newly built
- There are 4 pastures in the east of the map as in the 19er, which are compatible with AnimalGrazing
- A few fields that did not yet have farmland now have farmland
- Added launch vehicles
- Traders rebuilt and added DEKO vehicles
- Airplanes and hot air balloons added
- New PDA created
- Adjusted the light in the village at night
- Village revised with decoration
- RD (Rendsbrug) firmly installed as a license plate
- Installed wind turbines
- Stubble destruction and higher stubble density
- etc. To discover

Precision Farming (no customized soil map) and MaizePlus Ready
The game automatically loads the required mods in single player as soon as you start a saved game. In multiplayer, the mods that are needed have to be loaded onto the server yourself.
All mods are from the Modhub and have not been edited.
Please always use the original link to download.
Thank you very much for the help and the releases: Agrario , DerJogi, DeeBuur (Chris), Majo76/Zhool, DerMindener, VertexDezign
Now we wish you a lot of fun with the map, if problems arise you will get help on our Discord.
There will be updates to the map in due course, stay tuned.
Your RLSF modding team.


- RLSF-Modding
- Deebur
- Agrario
- Majo76/Zhool
- Bumsnudel93
- AgrarModding
- FarmerAndy
- Paradeus
- DerMindener
- DerJogi
- TakerLS
- FarmingDude97
- AgrarRPMZ
- VF.Swabia

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