Hall Configurator Wood v1.0.0.0


A package with many different components from which you can configure your own halls. Since the whole thing can be a bit more complex, I recommend trying it out in a test game first.
In order to make all the components fit as much as possible, I created them without terrain adjustment. In order to be able to level the ground, I created 4 different "blocks", which only serve the purpose of leveling the floor. These do not cost a basic price or maintenance, but only level the ground. It should be removed after placement.
After leveling the terrain, it is best to build the side walls first, then the roof and finally the side walls, so that there are no gaps.
I also recommend using only the grid mode and placing the buildings at a 90° angle to the map. Anything else can cause overlap.
It is also important to make sure that you do not target the previous module, otherwise they will be placed on top of each other.

Each module has the same basic structure
- Price: $3,000 - $10,000, depending on the module
- Maintenance: 1 $/day
- Dimensions: 5m/5m

- Modules divided into 3 groups:
- Gable sides
- Roofs
- Sidewalls

- Modular types:
- Open side
- Closed wall
- Wall with window
- Wall with gate

In addition, there are other modules:
- Workshop
- Bale storage
- Pallet storage



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Commented on 2024-04-23 19:44:56

This doesn't work. I can't sell buldozer cube and modules, I can't open any gates.

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