HempProductions v2.0.0.0


Hemp productions for the production of various hemp products.

- Greenhouse now has lights.
- Added mineral fertilizer as an alternative to manure in the greenhouse.
- Hemp seeds are produced together with hemp (no need for a second production in the greenhouse).
- All previous productions are now in one building (hemp factory).
- Added Hemp Cloth, Hemp Clothing and Hemp Chocolate.
- Production cycles have been adjusted.
- Revised the design of the palettes.
- Added Hemp Market as a point of sale for the hemp products.

This mod includes a greenhouse for the production of hemp and hemp seeds, a hemp factory for the production of hemp oil, hemp seed bread, hemp seed muesli, hemp chocolate and hemp fabric, a hemp tailor for the production of hemp clothing and a hemp market as a point of sale for the hemp products. This mod requires Revamp or higher.
hemp productions
Greenhouse (Produces Hemp and Hemp Seeds.)
Acquisition costs - € 25,000
Hemp Factory (Produces Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Bread, Hemp Seed Cereal, Hemp Chocolate, and Hemp Cloth)
Acquisition costs - € 225,000
Hemp Tailoring (Produces Hemp Clothing)
Acquisition cost - € 100,000
Hemp market (point of sale for hemp products)
Acquisition costs - € 50,000
Since this is my first mod, I'd really appreciate suggestions for improvement and general feedback.
If you want to present a mod, please send me the link to the video so that I can add it to the mod description.
I kindly ask you not to make the mod available on other sites without my permission.




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