Hills Of Tuscany v1.0.0.0


Welcome in Tuscany, “Every hill has a village. Every village has a story. Every story has a secret to tell and experience”. This map is set in Italian territory, especially in the Tuscany region; the map is partially real and was developed in an essential way to make the game enjoyable and smooth.
Main characteristics:
- Map with 102 fields, mostly hilly, of different form and dimension.
- Fields created with the possibility of being combined.
- Vineyards of red and white grapes.
- Intensive production olive groves and trees with 'umbrella' machine harvesting.
- Greenhouses with plantation and nursery.
- Complete farming company with four fenced areas for animals, silos, garages in Italian style.
- The production chains of the base game are scattered all over the map.
- All the products of the game can be sold in different shops.
- Five areas can be bought to install new productions or to build new customised farms.
- The map is ready for Precision Farming and uses a customised map of the ground.
- Wide forest areas.
Game suggestions:
- Purchase tractors with power appropriate to the implement.
- If you want to use of helpers, it is recommended to manually work the perimeter of the field at least twice and then proceed up and down.
- Medium-sized vehicles and tools up to 8 metres are recommended



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Commented on 2023-03-21 03:14:25

I really love this map. Well done! The only problem I’m having is I’m playing it on console and the preplaced bales max out the bale capacity. Other than that it’s one of the best maps I’ve seen.

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