Hills View Farm v1.0.0.6


Small update for AI harvesting the Premium DLC root crops with AI.

Minor update to the Ropa Harvesters to add the DLC crops which I missed.

The map has been updated to V1.0.0.6 making fully ready for Premium DLC. You MUST start a NEW game save with this update.

The map has been updated to V1.0.0.5 This does not require a new game save.

The maps alfalfa has been totally reworked, the maps bales have been updated to the latest Giants models and textures which had changed at some point and I was unaware.

The placeable Brewery has been expanded with honeyshine, strawberry wine and whiskey and the sell points have been updated. Other small tweaks have been applied.

Updates the map with the extras from my FS22 Tranquil Waters map, also changes made to the map night lighting, fixes compost and anhydrous particles, raises the BGA digestate fill pipe, fixes the production text for the flour mill and adds in more small details.. No new save is required but I suggest you sell of my chopped beets and mineral feed productions if you have them installed as all my productions are updated with this update.

Also a new version of the map has been added for download below FS22 Hills View Open By Stevie. This has only 1 field and no missions, the rest of the fields have been cleared so the user can carve out their own with a plough.

I wanted a map which was simple and offered beautiful views 360 degrees from the farm. I wanted to maximise space for farming and larger machines to optimise the user space which is map edge to edge for the normal sized play area. It has extra custom multfruit, custom textures and foliage, a few custom production's, custom animals, is course play tested and ready. Has full AI splines, smaller forestry area, 2 larger flat placeable areas, removable farm except the house area, includes custom vehicle mods needed and more. I wanted larger steeper hills in this map so that's what I created. The road way is slightly wider than normal and the ring road is traffic free for ease. Has Soil map and custom animal feed requirements, This map does NOT support the Maize Plus mods. The map has full missions, seasons snow mask, angle terrain, composting, bio diesel production, and the field areas are designed to be easily customised by the player. Supports all my mods and production pack 1  which are linked below. Have fun with it, kindest regards Stevie.


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